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Online coaching involves more intensive coaching, education, support, mindset reset & habit. It's for both, the General Population & Athletes, to reach your personal goal. It gives you all the benefits of a real life coach, in the comfort of your own time. No more running to PT sessions or getting nervous in the gym about how to use an equipment. All you need to do is follow your customised program (gym or home) on your phone and enjoy the flexibility. Check out my plans now.

If you are interested in competing or wanna have a chat, apply now to schedule a free consult. Following federations accepted: WBFF, IFBB - All divisions covered. (Contact for other federations) - Tailored Nutrition Plan - Bespoke Training Programs - Sports Nutrition Protocols - Peak Week Protocol - Show Day Apparel - Supplementation Guide - Posing Guidance - Post Comp Follow-up - 24/7 Support via message ...and more (see online coaching)

Posing & Stage Presence

Learn how to pose like a Pro and get noticed by the judges. Increase your exposure & marketability. - 1x 15min Inital Consultation - Weekly Posing Lesson - Weekly Check-in with Video - min. 6 sessions - Learn how to stand out on stage - Personalised T/I -Walk & Quarter Turns - How to pose to accentuate your physique - Walk like a model - front, side, back - Presence & Expression - Learn the WBFF/ IFBB posing techniques - Online & Face to Face from $80/week


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I have been working with Seville for over a year now. She has changed my life! From eating protein and vegetables Seville has taught me that I can eat everything in moderation and still progress towards my goals. Our first building season was amazing my body changed so much! I put on heaps of muscle and I was stoked! We are about to do another build and I am very excited. Seville knows her stuff, she is an excellent coach. You will chat to her in person and have full support. Seville educates you and sets you up for life, her coaching is priceless.

Alice K.

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