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Seville's Mash

1 medium sweet potato

1 small potato

2-3 carrots

1 large capsicum


teaspoon light olive spread (or light unsalted butter)

salt & pepper



Cut the sweet potato, potato and carrots into medium cubes.

Boil some water and place the veggies in the pot. Cook until soft.

Alternatively, use a microwave safe dish and cook them soft in the microwave.

In the meantime, dice the capsicum into small pieces and place them in a preheated fry pan. Fry the capsicum until soft and charred.

When the sweet potato, potato and carrots are done, drain and place in a bowl.

Add butter to it and season.

Add capsicum and start mashing the mixture until smooth.

Cut up some parsley and add to the the mash. Enjoy

Tip: Experiment with other veggies, spices and herbs, or try with a dash of skim milk.

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