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White Fish & Greens

200g of White Fish
dill - dry or fresh
salt & pepper
green beans
salt & pepper
oinion - finely sliced
onion powder
garlic powder
extra virgin olive oil

Lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil



Heat a large fry pan on high heat and spray with oil.

Sprinkle the fish with dill, garlic powder, onion powder, salt & pepper and place it in the fry pan skin side down for 3-5 min, then carefully flip, repeat for 3-5min.

Remove the fish and add broccolini & green beans to the pan. Cook until vibrant green or to your liking. 

Chop the tomato, onion & cucumber, combine in a mixing bowl.

Make the dressing and add to the veggie mix.

Mix it through the salad and serve it on a plate with placing the white fish on top and greens on the side. Enjoy. 

Tip: Try salmon with this recipe and choose different veggies. Have fun

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