My Story


Hi, it's lovely to meet you, my name is Seville.

I'm the Head Coach & Owner of Seville Elite Coaching.

Proudly holding my diploma in Nutrition & Performance Coaching. 

I'm currently based in Merimbula & offer my services worldwide to all types of clients.

GenPop, Fitness Enthusiasts, Athletes, Coaches, PT's, and Disability.


The Path that took me to where i am today, started a little like yours.

I was over-exercising, under eating and not eating the right foods for my particular body. Extreme restrictions quickly resulted in binging.

The biggest problem was that i suffered from an unhealthy mind, not realising the toxic effect all this was having on me.


My Transformation

The Nutrition Journey started for me when i got into bodybuilding a long time ago.

Noticing how nutrition changed not only my physique but also my mindset, I realised along with a healthy mind, daily physical movement, strong social, family, spiritual and community connections, comes the base of all health – Nutrition.

The Present


This resulted in following my dream & graduate in Nutrition & Sports Nutrition.

Also became certified in being an "Athletes Coach" & "Performance Coach".

Biggest highlight was when i competed in 2020 with the WBFF & came second in the world.


It has become my passion to help & inspire people around the globe, so you too, can follow your dreams and make them come true - together.

Are you ready to make the best investment of your life?

Lets go do this together.