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Chocolate & Maple Roasted Almonds

500g natural almonds
90% dark chocolate
Sugar free maple syrup
Mixed spice



Put the almonds on a tray and roast them for about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them so they don't burn.

They make a quite sizzling sound from releasing the oils and darken in colour.

Grab a long spoon to stir them roughly, you can do this by taking the tray out or carefully do it while in the oven.

Once roasted, put the almonds on a tea towel.

Split them carefully into 2 batches, as it's very hot.


First batch is to be covered in chocolate, so leave them on the tea towel to cool down completely.

Put second batch back on the tray and pour some maple syrup on them. Enough to cover them & to your liking. Sprinkle some Mixed spice or preferred spices on it and put it back into the oven for about 5 minutes or until the maple syrup has dried on the almonds.

Take out and put on tea towel, let them cool down.

Melt some chocolate and put the second batch into it, stir and cover them. Put them on baking paper and in the fridge to cool.

Tip:  Add Orange zest & spices to the chocolate before covering them to give it more flavour.

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